Altınbaş Holding


The foundations of Altınbaş Holding were laid in the 1950s. The holding company now incorporates 35 brands in major industries of the three continents, such as energy, finance, jewellery, logistics, education, and sports. As one of Turkey’s most important business investment groups, Altınbaş Holding exports to 80 countries and generates employment in Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, and the U.S.

Altınbaş Holding companies operate with the vision of being leaders in the sectors and countries they are active in.

Altınbaş Holding operates with ALPET, Exengaz ve Atak companies in energy sector; with Creditwest bank, Creditwest Faktoring, Creditwest Insurance, Creditwest Finance and Altınbaş Kıymetli Madenler Borsası in finance; with Altınbaş, Assos, Ellda, Era, ONSA and Alstone brands in jewellery; with Transal and Galata Denizcilik in logistics; with ALYAP in real estate sector and with GOZZA brand in the sports industry.

Altınbaş Holding carries out its corporate social responsibility projects in cooperation with Mehmet Altınbaş Eğitim ve Kültür Vakfı (Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation). Altınbaş Holding’s most important investment in education sector is İstanbul Kemerburgaz University which is planned to be in service as a foundation university.

Altınbaş Holding’s corporate social responsibility projects and supports for regional development include sports as well. In 2007 Altınbaş Holding purchased one of the oldest and most successful sports clubs of Turkey Göztepe Sports Club. Today, Göztepe is competing successfully in the professional league.

Altınbaş Holding, the second fastest growing holding in Turkey in 2007, with its active assets exceeding 2.5 billion dollars and 3,500 employees is continuing to grow and add value to the economy of the country.

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