CEO’s Message

mehmet-uzun-portreCreditwest Insurance From Past to Present

Conscious history of the insurance sector in our country begins in the 1980s. In that time, people demanding insurance services were provided services without knowing what was provided or misinformed.

Moreover, there were no accurate awareness raising activities regarding these services and the insurance services were provided by the non-experienced real estate agents, document trackers, retirees and part-time students working to earn additional income.

For this reason, the coverage of the policies was not considered to be important and the policy holders were not able to find any contact in cases of damage.

In the mid-1990s, foreign funded insurance and reassurance companies began to invest in our country and as a result of this and the amended insurance laws, insurance services has become a sector itself.

In this period, agencies, which are the main actors of this sector, established their structures and insurance services has become a sector evaluated by the customer satisfaction.

Creditwest Insurance, anAltınbaş Holding Affiliate, began its activities in 1996, with its strong capital and synergy with Creditwest Bank and Creditwest Finance Ltd.,has operated in line with its main principles of service quality and customer satisfaction and has succeeded to be placed in the top 3 among 30 insurance companies in a short span of 14 years.

In light of developing technologies and a growing economy, our company, which produces compulsory traffic insurance and comprehensive car insurance policies, has improved its partners, systems, branches, range of services and staff, and continues to serve with a wide range of products.

Creditwest Insurance is operating with the consciousness that insurance is “a need to be demanded”, and therefore is undertaking an awareness-raising mission in line with the needs of customers and has managed to be there for its customers whenever needed.

Some considerCreditwest Insurance as an anchor -a friend that is always there for you- and some as a true, real friend.

In any case, our firm is constantly focusing on improving its services and enhancing customer satisfaction, while refreshing its structure in this ever developing sector.

Best Regards,
Mehmet Uzun